Michael Glavin, LMFT

Michael W. Glavin, LMFT

Michael Glavin, LMFT is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.

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Michael Glavin, LMFT, Couples Counseling

Fall 2014

Mindfulness in Relationship: An AEDP Therapy Group

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Fall 2014

Hold Me Tight: An Educational Group for Couples

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mindfulness * attachment theory * neuroscience

In my psychotherapy practice, I use mindfulness, attachment theory and the latest research in neuroscience in order to help facilitate fundamental transformation for both couples and individuals.

I seek to foster the emergence of new, healing experiences through the processing of difficult emotional and relational experiences within the context of a safe, therapeutic relationship.

happy couple Based on what we now know about human relationships (attachment theory), how the brain processes information (neuroscience), and the effect of nonjudgmental awareness (mindfulness), much of human suffering can be transformed into psychological growth, leading to resilience and well-being.

Although, I specialize in helping couples move from conflict to connection, I also work with individuals who are having relationship difficulties (a recent breakup, a difficult marriage, an overwhelmed or absent parent growing up). Difficulties in our relationships can have a profound effect on our mood and our ability to cope with life's challenges.

Together we will create a safe place where you can experience and express the full range of human emotion in a way that brings you closer to others, works through your difficulties, and makes life worth living.

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